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The Alcohol Cost Calculator:
A Customized Report for Your 1,000 Employees in United States


United States
US Industry Average

Untreated Substance Use Disorders Threaten the Lives of Employees and Their Families

Untreated substance use disorders do much more than reduce productivity and increase health care costs. They also expose employees and their families to greater risk in their daily lives.

Compared to employees without substance use disorders, employees with substance use disorders are significantly more likely to experience health problems related to their substance use. In the last year, there are likely to have been:

Social Costs
26 more individuals suffering from serious psychological distress
17 more individuals who suffered from major depressive episode (past year)
21 more individuals who have suffered from major depressive episode in their lifetimes
7 more individuals suffering from anxiety (past year)
8 more individuals who have suffered from Anxiety in their lifetime
47 more individuals who have ever been arrested and booked
19 more individuals whose spouse or partner hit them
8 more individuals who have committed an attack with intent to harm in the past year
89 more individuals who have driven under the influence of drugs or alcohol in the past year
20 more individuals who are dependent on nicotine
26 more individuals who have abused or been dependent on illicit drugs in the past year

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