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What Can You Do?

Use this calculator. See for yourself the impact on your own business…

Armed with information from The Alcohol Cost Calculator for Business, you can strengthen your company’s programs. You can implement low-cost, high-gain practices to improve health outcomes and constrain costs.

Cover alcohol problems – and control health care costs as a result.

By providing alcohol treatment for employees, businesses can improve health and increase productivity while cutting down on costs of health care and personnel.

Workers and their families who have untreated alcohol problems cost their companies because they are likely to miss more days of work and require more emergency hospital care and longer hospital stays. Health care costs for employees who have alcohol problems are twice as high as for those who do not. In this period of rapidly escalating benefit costs, when businesses are paying more attention to health promotion and disease management, improvement of alcohol treatment is an important part of the cost-saving equation.

Solutions to Alcohol Problems

  • Build greater awareness of how to deter harmful alcohol problems, including through the establishment of clear company policies
  • Increase expectation of value from company health benefits to improve the provision of alcohol treatment
  • Establish the basic tools for employee assistance