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Employers Addressing Alcohol Problems Save By

Promoting Use of an Employee Assistance Program

Do you have and maintain an effective Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to help employees with personal and work problems?

Many companies provide EAPs to come to the aid of employees with alcohol, drug, family or emotional problems that negatively affect their job performance. The estimated 20,000 EAPs in the U.S. reach more than 48 million people. Workers who use EAPs report that after EAP treatment, they have fewer substance use and mental health problems, fewer health symptoms, better job attendance and greater job satisfaction.

Employee Assistance Program Achieves Positive Results

For workers with alcohol problems, EAPs generally include:

  • worksite awareness programs
  • referrals for diagnosis, treatment and other assistance
  • training of supervisors and union representatives
  • confidential and timely assessment
  • links to community-based services
  • Web-based tools
  • follow-up and recovery support after initial treatment

The federal government's Center for Substance Abuse Prevention offers a free Web-based information resource that can supplement companies' health and wellness programs.

Assist Employees With Alcohol Problems

Following Up Over the Long Term

Addressing Depression that Commonly Accompanies Alcohol Problems

Other Solutions

Increase Awareness of Alcohol Issues

Improve Alcohol Treatment Health Benefits