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Employers Addressing Alcohol Problems Save By

Following Up Over the Long Term

Continued monitoring and EAP supports for employees who have been treated for alcohol problems can preserve the investment that an employer has made in their treatment. Studies indicate that routine EAP or health plan follow-up for a year helps prevent relapse. Personal follow-up, including phone calls and handwritten notes for EAP providers or health plan care managers produces even better results.

Effective EAP follow-up can prevent employees who have been treated for alcohol problems from falling into old, destructive patterns of behavior by identifying "trigger mechanisms" — experiences that prompt cravings to drink — and referring clients to additional counseling services as needed.

Assist Employees With Alcohol Problems

Promoting Use of An Employee Assistance Program

Addressing Depression that Commonly Accompanies Alcohol Problems

Other Solutions

Increase Awareness of Alcohol Issues

Improve Alcohol Treatment Health Benefits