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The Alcohol Cost Calculator:
A Snapshot Report for 1,000 Beneficiaries in The United States

Other Services Industry

Intervention and Support: How Many Beneficiaries Could Use Help?

Tens of millions of Americans suffer from alcohol problems, costing billions. This calculator estimates how many of your beneficiaries have drinking problems and how many need treatment.

For the Other Services Industry:

Number of Beneficiaries: 1,000
Likely number of problem drinkers:

The federal government estimates that 9.1 percent of employed Americans 18 years of age and older have experienced serious problems, including alcoholism, as a result of their drinking. The prevalence varies by industry sector. The average prevalence of alcohol problems among workers in the Other Services sector is 6.3 percent.


How Do Untreated Alcohol Problems Affect
Productivity and Health Care Costs?


Likely number of excess work days lost to sickness, injury and absence because of problem drinking per month:

Hangovers and alcohol-related health problems affect employee attendance. People with drinking problems say they call in sick or skip work thirty percent more than workers who don't have drinking problems. They also are more likely to be late for work or to leave early.

4 days
Cost of excess lost days per year: $6,083
Likely alcohol-related health care costs

People with alcohol problems seek emergency room attention 33 percent more often than people without drinking problems and stay in the hospital almost one-and-a-quarter days longer. Their families use more health care, too. Problem drinking is the primary or secondary cause of many serious medical conditions, including heart and liver disease and cancer. Problem drinking also contributes to many unintentional injuries caused by motor vehicle crashes, burns and falls. In addition, it can interfere with medications used to treat many health problems.

Excess Emergency Room Visits at $1,191.81/visit 18 excess visits
Excess Days in the Hospital at $5,306.68/day 4 excess days
Emergency Department and Hospital Costs $42,679

Now what?

Three ways to move ahead: