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Employers Addressing Substance Use Problems Save By:

Increasing Awareness of Substance Use Issues

Along with strengthening health benefits and employee assistance programs, businesses can help employees at all levels of the company to become more aware of the consequences of and solutions to substance abuse issues.

Establish and Disseminate Treatment-Friendly Policies. Employees should know that they work in a place with treatment-oriented workplace policies. Company policies about alcohol and drug use, employee assistance services and health benefits should be highlighted in new employee orientation, company newsletters, personnel handbooks and similar corporate communications.

The Department of Labor and the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention have very helpful guidance in establishing treatment-oriented workplace policies.

Promoting Health and Wellness. Many companies make substance abuse awareness part of their overall health education program.

Detecting and Treating Substance Problems Early. Through workplace screening and short sessions of counseling, called brief interventions, employees can become more aware of their own alcohol and drug habits and identify problems that can be addressed before they become more intractable.

Other Solutions