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Employers Addressing Substance Use Disorders Save By

Assisting Employees Facing Substance Use Disorders

Workers with substance use disorders don't always seek help on their own. That's why it's important to assist workers in a variety of cost-effective ways.

Initiate an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that includes confidential substance abuse screening, education, treatment referral, and recovery support. Such programs provide the tools that enable employees to get referrals and interact with people who understand their work situation. Generally, EAPs serve 3-5 percent of employees each year. Many of the requests of the EAP are substance-related.

  • ✓ Develop a policy for dealing with substance abuse in the workplace: at a minimum, provide training for supervisors in recognizing and dealing with drug or alcohol problems and support treatment for and recovery from substance use disorders.
  • ✓ Offer employees health insurance that provides comprehensive benefits for substance abuse treatment, including a broad range of service options, such as therapy, medications, and recovery support.
  • ✓ Be sure that health plans require their physicians to screen patients confidentially for substance use problems.
  • ✓ Support drug-free workplace policies.

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